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1) Automate housing for your events


• Submit requests for proposals (RFPs) to multiple hotels, compare bids, and contract room blocks on one single platform

• Custom search functionality built around sourcing hotels based on proximity to your event venues

• Search ad-free unbiased displays and choose from over 600,000 hotels and resorts worldwide

• Side-by-side hotel proposal comparison with the ability to negotiate, accept or decline with the click of a mouse

• Integrated reconciliation and invoicing functionality post-event


• Reduce time and resources during the RFP process

• Boost planner efficiency and performance

• Reduce costs with an all-in-one solution

• Handle the entire group reservations lifecycle with one easy tool

• Capture more data automatically

• Reduced time spent on sourcing housing for your event

• Easily access your housing data

• Create better customer satisfaction

• Quicker, more accurate concession payments

2) Generate revenue on every reservation


• Choose from multiple compensation models such as commission, net rate and hybrid

• Take full control of your cancellation policy and set penalties to protect your earnings.

• GPS allows you to control and adjust end-user fees

• Take control of your earnings by easily marking-up your fees based on demand

• Generate additional revenue through providing your customers trip insurance and an exclusive travel club

• Expedites hotel concessions payments to your organization by automating the reconciliation and invoicing process


• Drive growth for your business

• Increase profitability from your events

• Create a new revenue stream

• Quicker and more accurate concession payments

• Flexible concession models

• Access to previous event data for more accurate room sourcing

3) Promote with a branded booking site


• Fully integrated custom hotel booking engine that assumes the look and feel of your website


• Deliver great-looking, brandable booking sites with ease

• Provide a consistent user experience for attendees who book rooms within their event’s room block

• Power instant, direct booking at leading hotel chains

• Empower coaches and teams to book rooms using the same approach they use on retail travel sites

4) Manage rooming blocks automatically


• Direct connection to major hotel brands to manage reservations, confirmations, modifications and cancelations

• Efficiently manage reservations with our industry leading real-time interactive rooming list functionality

• All reservations are tracked through GPS for easy room block management


• Save your team hours of work daily

• Eliminate tedious tasks like inputting reservations and making updates manually

• Help ensure smooth check-ins with automated confirmations

• Keep teams and attendees coming back

• Handle more business with the same size staff

• Quick and easy reservation modifications

• Seamless integration of the booking page to the venue website

• Provide best-in-class customer support to event participants

• Realtime reservation making, cancelation and modification

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