Make group travel planning easy
Let technology do the leavy lifting. GPS gives you tools to find hotels, book rooms, send invoices, gain customer insights, and create ROI reports all on one platform.

You cut costs, save time, and make travel better for attendees, players, and fans.
Increase Profits
You generate revenue on every reservation. Lift
profitability through upsells, too, like our Travel
Club with jaw-dropping deals at popular hotels
Our group travel planning software puts you in
control. Pick your compensation model. Set
penalties to protect earnings. And tailor your
fees to market demand.
Promote with a Branded Booking Site
GPS powers instant group booking at top hotel
chains. You get a beautiful, branded booking page
that integrates with your event website.
Our software slashes RFP-response-to-signedcontract
time by 50%. Your team will feel like allstars,
cranking out contracts in half the time.
Make Room Block Management Easy
Toss the spreadsheets, manual data entry, and
unexpected penalty fees. GPS handles
reservations and confirmations and tracks
updates in real-time.
Travel event planners and hotels save hours of
work daily and make room list management a
Streamline Invoicing & Reporting
Unlike other platforms, GPS stores data from
the entire group housing lifecycle in one
So you create invoices in seconds based on realtime
updates. You expedite commission
payments. And you showcase the value you
bring to the table with data-rich client reports.
Registration Management
Manage registration and scheduling for tournaments,
leagues, facilities, clubs and special events

Instant access to more than 600,000 hotels across the globe.

Make group travel planning and sports management easy
Use one software to manage group housing and event planning from start to finish. GPS offers a private label booking engine for your event and tools to communicate with your attendees.

RFP management, hotel bookings, invoicing, event registration, tournament scheduling, roster management, and reporting

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